Past Projects

  • Population genetics of the Bathymodiolin mussel symbionts: Several statistical models coupled to 454 pyrosequencing were used to investigate the stability of the symbiosis over time and space by Kristina Fontanez and Rob Young.
  • Diversity and abundance of the Riftia symbiont: Using next generation sequencing and quantitative PCR, the genetic diversity and relative abundance of internal and external symbiont populations associated with tubeworms were investigated by Li Liao and Randi Rotjan.
  • Solemya velum symbiont transcriptome: Concurrent with the sequencing of the S. velum symbiont genome, a transcriptome analysis of the symbiont was conducted by Frank Stewart, Guus Roeselers and Oleg Dmytrenko.
  • Chemosynthetic symbiosis nitrogen acquisition: The source and fate of nitrogenous compounds essential for host and symbiont growth was analyzed.